Trolling through Instagram and facebook feeds it is easy to begin to feel inadequate about our lives. We are bombarded with messages touting the latest, in beauty tips, diets, fashion – the Seven things you are not doing to make yourself more attractive… 5 ways to improve your sex life…. Images of finely toned bodies performing fancy yoga poses in exotic locations.

If you are anything like me it is easy to become overwhelmed by the latest and greatest. The irony is that the more we feel uncomfortable within ourselves the more we are drawn to social media in an effort to find solace and meaning.

The effect of this barrage on our psyche is at best feeling disheartened, and at worst being overcome with a sense of hopelessness and anxiety. When you feel like everyone around you is “embracing their best selves” and you are trudging through life one step at a time, the last thing you need is to sign up for another online course in attracting the right life partner!

This is not to say we don’t strive for good health, meaningful relationships and inner peace…

It’s about where we go looking to bring these things into our lives.

An investment in self reflection

Having the courage to be who you are in today’s ever changing fast paced Instagram world is not easy. The place to go is not out there it is in here. Yes that’s right – within ourselves. Looking inside of ourselves for meaning and purpose is not a new concept. The idea of spending time in reflection on who we are and how we want to be in the world can be uncomfortable. We can get drawn into consuming more and doing more in the hope that this will fulfil us and give us an identity worth showing to the world.

In my therapy practice I hear many people say that they don’t know how to talk about difficult problems and emotions, and that they project a false persona out in the world and sometimes even to their friends or family. Is it any wonder when facebook pages are full of snap shots of ‘friends’ sharing their happy shiny moments. My clients say to me: “Who would want to hear about my boring life.” “How can I talk about the things that are not going well for me with my friends when they are all doing so well in life?”

Why would I talk to a therapist?

Counselling or psychotherapy is a safe place to speak about the things that we are grappling with often kept hidden for fear of appearing vulnerable. It is a place where my clients find space for self reflection. The feedback I provide enhances client’s abilities to go deep within themselves and connect with the positive possibilities for change.

At times the journey of self growth and discovery has painful points as we acknowledge and find a place for past hurts. Revealing our truth to ourselves can be confronting. Ultimately though the rewards are abundant.

Realising Possibilities is a safe, highly confidential and respectful space where I encourage my clients to reveal who they are to themselves and have the courage to be who they are in the world.

A new hair cut may make you feel good for a few days but ultimately the colour fades and the style grows out. A holiday is a wonderful distraction from the mundane and rejuvenation for the body and spirit. Ultimately, we must return to the responsibilities and routine of our every-day lives. Therapy is permanently life changing and the benefits are exponential transforming our sense of self, our relationships with those we love and our connections with the wider world.

So next time you are scrolling through social media looking for a dose of self-improvement click onto to find out more about what I can offer and book in for an appointment.

How can I help?

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